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Erica Dixon

Erica Dixon is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and she enjoys teaching Zumba Fitness, Cycle, and Kickboxing just to name a few. She has been a licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor since 2008 and has been teaching classes in locations all over the triangle area. Erica is also a Zumba Jammer choreography specialist for Zumba Fitness instructors. As a ZJ, Erica conducts training sessions in NC and throught the US.  Learn more about Erica Dixon here.

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Upcoming Events

Erica Dixon Zumba Events e-Fit4Life has many different events coming up. Join Erica Dixon at these events:

August 20th - Winefest 2014 Zumba Fundraiser for Raleigh-Durham Afro-Caribbean Association

August 23rd - CARIBMASK Festival in Downtown Raleigh

August 24th - Caribbean Flava Master Class - Advance, NC

Sept. 18-22 - Island Riddims Cruise 2 with EnT Experience

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